Dr. Frey's Bach course is something every cellist owes it to him/herself to take! Its a wonderful way to dive deeper into the history, language, and style of Bach's music while also focusing on performance practice and cello playing. I walked away from this class with more knowledge and a refined understanding of the suites and how to play them. Doing this work together with other cellists is simply invaluable. It was an inspiring 6 weeks (wish it were longer) that encouraged me not only to continue exploring on my own, but also to share what I learned with my future audiences and with my students. Thank you Elinor!
Jacqueline (Israel), August 2020, Bach Cello Suites
The Bach course offered me a wonderful combination of historical and musicological information and chances to get feedback on my own playing and hear Elinor and others experiences in working on the Bach Suites. It deepened my understanding, joy and love for this master piece.
Jacobien, Amsterdam, August 2020, Bach Cello Suites
It should not take any effort to decide to enroll in Elinor's course in EIC! Elinor has compiled her life's work and love of this subject into her 8 week course. Her clearly honed presentation, extensive collection of scholarly and recorded materials, infectious passion, and gentle encouragement all add up to a truly exceptional offering. I am extremely grateful for the experience she has provided during this trying time of physical distancing.
Katie, Ontario, May 2020, Early Italian Cello
Taking Elinor’s class was a refreshing way to dive into the cello suites intensively for a few weeks, instead of over a longer period, which is more usual for a professional cellist. And suddenly, connections and understanding came about and made the process of studying them yet again so much more interesting. Her guidance, her view and hew understanding of this majestic work where all very inspiring. The course content was strong, interesting and very well formulated.

She always made everyone feel at ease and created an amazing group energy, even as we where all in different locations. And it was a pleasure to meet and exchange ideas about this work we all know so well as cellists. Yet, she found ways to encourage us to go further in our approach, our research and our personal view. I would recommend this course to any advance students or curious professional cellists, as I believe it can only help one reinforce and develop a strong personal voice.
-Marie, Québec, July 2020, Bach Cello Suites
Dr. Frey keeps students engaged from start to finish. The depth of knowledge she has to share, and her great communication skills bring courses to life- especially in this online format. For someone who never liked online learning.... I am fully converted! Course materials have deepened my understanding and demonstrated new approaches for practice and performance.
Shirley, Calgary, August 2020, Bach Cello Suites
Elinor, I loved your course on the Bach cello suites! You were so generous with your notes, musical listening list, extra readings, and knowledge of the era! As well, I truly appreciated your kind and thoughtful responses to our video submissions and the many questions to do with both the Baroque instruments - cello, strings and bow, and questions of performance practices. Additionally the timing of your solo concerts during the course is the icing on the cake! Wonderful to see and hear your beautiful and thoughtful realizations of the cello suites and the pieces of the many prolific and gifted composers the early Baroque! Thank you! I can’t wait to explore Dall’Abaco!

Finally, I just wanted to add that for many the Online medium was ideal due to distances to travel plus expense. If not for the Covid quarantine and your timely and enthusiastic response and foresight to offer online courses we might never have been apart of such an amazing learning experience. It has been such a pleasure. Again, thank you so very much!
Joanne, Québec, July 2020, Bach Cello Suites

C’est un cours extrêmement intéressant qui m’a fait connaître un répertoire ‘non classique’ des études en tant que violoncelliste. J’ai appris à connaître les premiers compositeurs qui ont célébré le violoncelle et ont écrit pour lui. C’est notre histoire et c’est à la fois très émouvant et passionnant. Elinor a mis à notre disposition des articles fascinants et tellement de pièces musicales à écouter et à essayer. J’ai adoré.
Michèle, Québec, May 2020, Early Italian Cello
To make sense of the 'how' and 'why' of music--and to accept the mystery of the unanswered questions--opened me up to the most interesting possibilities such that the cello became more beautiful. I was inspired to play more and grasp the ideal sound I wanted. And then if I failed in doing so, I was gently helped up by Elinor.
Michael, Oklahoma, May 2020, Early Italian Cello
A chance Facebook post has lead me to meet a wonderful Baroque cellist, Elinor Frey. As I embarked on my first online Zoom cello lesson, during the Corona Virus lock down,I also signed up and participated in her 8 week Early Italian Cello Course.

I found it most enlightening and inspiring.

Each week was full of interesting facts, photos and recordings of Italian Cello music. The participants had an opportunity to submit their videos for comment, which was always helpful and encouraging.

The reality is that there is such a wealth of music in this genre that is yet to be explored. Elinor was very engaging, friendly and knowledgeable and I appreciate her generous spirit, sharing her knowledge and time. I can highly recommend the course, I loved it, and I cant wait for the next one!
Belinda, Queensland, Australia, May 2020, Early Italian Cello.
Elinor's Early Italian Cello course was fantastic. She led us into a huge amount of what was, at least for me, obscure but wonderfully interesting repertoire. The number of composers we investigated was astonishing. It was of course served up with Elinor's trademark joie de vivre. She is an excellent teacher and brings a real passion to this topic, which she made the rest of us feel. Highly recommended.
John, Toronto, May 2020, Early Italian Cello
This weeks "confined" have been very hard for everyone, and much harder for some of us. I feel very lucky to be healthy and fine, as well as my closer friends and family. One of the things that have made me feel better is learning new things and being part of a group of enthusiast and curious colleagues, and over all, listen Elinor Frey sharing in such a generous way the stories and musics that she is passioned about. An incredible teacher and musician, and a great friend. Cellists: don't miss this!!
Rafael, Mexico City, May 2020, Early Italian Cello