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News - APRIL 1, 2022
On April 1, 2022, Cellist Elinor Frey, Rosa Barocca orchestra, and Analekta Records will announce the release of the new album, EARLY ITALIAN CELLO CONCERTOS, presenting cello concertos by Vivaldi, Sammartini, Leo, and Tartini.

News - FEBRUARY 7, 2021
Québec Opus Prize

Opus Prize for "Performer of the Year" for the 2019-2020 Season.

News - JANUARY 22, 2021

On January 22nd, 2021, Cellist Elinor Frey and Passacaille Records will announce the release of the new album, Antonio Vandini: Complete Works, presenting the six sonatas and one concerto of one of the most noteworthy and fascinating Italian cellist-composers of the 18th century, to be released on the Passacaille label in Europe on January 4th and worldwide on February 1st.

Antonio Vandini’s (1691–1778) works span from 1717 in Venice, just a few years before he taught at the La Pietà school alongside the legendary Vivaldi, to about the 1750s when his last sonatas were written, probably as he toured the world with his musical partner, the famous violinist, Giuseppe Tartini. Captivated by Vandini’s ability to draw out some of the finest qualities of the cello by expertly blending both lyricism and virtuosity, Frey, cellist-musicologist Marc Vanscheeuwijck, and gambist Patxi Montero together explored Vandini’s particular playing techniques. As shown in drawings, portraits, and eye-witness accounts, Vandini was one of the last remaining cellists to continue to use an underhand bow technique. Harpsichordist Federica Bianchi joined the team for the recording, held at the at the Sala della Carità, a short walk from the St-Antonio Basilica in Padua where Vandini spent most of his professional musical life.